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i'M ;sTreye ng tO leaRn 2 tipe. it snOt ez #$ WHan u doughnt no, [How 2 sspel. ....... Nd o,f corSe th~Er's thyis hOle isHyou OF tiPing wif P*aus!11!1! arrr


Hey, you guys. Glad to see a righteous canine presence on the web. I'm an alpha male here with my birth fam. No country road games here. I have these folks totally trained to cater to my erery whim. They just took me for a vacation to Lake Superior where I spent hours sitting in the frigid waters. Although I am a mixed breed I have a lot of Nuffy blood. I love snow and cold water. I'm also incredibly handsome. I'll send you a picture.


Yes yes yes. pIctures are goOd. We look forward to pictures. Eye can sMell a gallery coming. Ewe send, we post.

Ah relly wanna gallery,yes.

you dogs haven't caught on yet, have you.
you don't have to learn to type yourself, you simply drape yourself all over your persons arms while they're at their computer, and they'll do the typing for you.
and if they stop typing, they're inclined to pat you, since you're on their hands anyway.

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