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Hooked on Dog Fonix


If any of you dogs out there have been thinking about getting voice recognition software, let Woody's last post serve to illustrate its limitations. It's still full of bugs when it comes to handling dog speech. Sure you might get a decent phonetic translation, but when your accent is as thick as Woody's it really doesn't give you anything readable. Too bad, actually, since I thought his comment about adopted bunnies searching for their birth parents was both poignant and hilarious.


This is so-o-o whacky! I don't own a dog. [Sorry, I mean I am not guardian to a dog.]So why should I care what someone else's dog thinks? Let alone, how he spells.

Dear Cat Lover - I feel the pain in your comments, but the very fact that you can talk about it shows that you are already on the road to recovery. You're not alone. There are lots of people out there who are afflicted with an attraction to cats. And while there's no known cure, we CAN treat the symptoms. Woody is an especially good therapist, since he basically falls goofy in love with anyone who has a dog biscuit in her hand.

Dogs are better thahn cats!

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