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i rest my case


well, chigger has convinced me that eye should lay off the stupid shift key entirely. i have two apologize because eye did knot realize it was creating such a visual mess four all ewe non-dogs out there. sea, the problem is this - dogs due not see different cases, we just see letters. four example, inn my last post i wrote "some things just never get easier." hear, according two chigger, is what that sentence looked like to bipeds:

SomE things just nevEr get easIER.

hear is what that sentence looked like to dogs:


notice the difference? and yet boat sentences say the same thing. luckily, dogs only have to learn won case because all letters come out the same size. plus we hardly ever use the letter zee in a sentence. eye certainly do knot envy any species that has two learn to hole alphabets in order two reed. but you're probably used two it buy now. chigger also says non-dogs can't sea the colors. can't sea the colors? how can you stand it? why even waste time reading if you can't sea the colors. ahhhh, the colors. that's the best part.


Dear Woody,

I am writing in response to your request that I upload the words to your favorite song:

There's a bright golden dog on the meadow
There's a black and white dog on the meadow
They're jumping as high as an elephant's eye
I think that they're jumping clean up to the sky

Oh, what a beautiful Woody
Oh, what a beautiful Chig
I have such beautiful doggies
And they're so wonderfully big

...or did you mean this one, which, well, you really have to be there:

My Woodyman
My Woodyman
I love Woodyman
I love Woody
He's such a goody
I love my Woodyman
I love Woody
Goody goody goody
I just love my Woodyman
My Woodyman
My Woodyman
I love Woodyman

Now go lay down,
Your Mom

aw jeez, mom. how could you? due you no that today i went over two the post office, where i usually have a serious pissing contest with bear, the dog that lives near buy? but instead of growling and peeing, bear's humming "my woodyman..."

how embarrassing.

and he's going two tell narc and hunter and donovan and buster and every other dog that used two respect me. it's going to take me months to pee my way back up that hierarchy. once eye was an alpha dog, now i'm somewhere around an omicron dog. sheesh.

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