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Squirrel Fishing in America


Aaarrgggff. SomE things just nevEr get easIER. hoW was eye suPPosed two no that "MOUSE" was a Cute name for a stupid point-AND-click devIce? It tasteD terrible, sew I gUess I shOULD have known. Anyway, THis graphics tablEt is much more Intuitive.

But wHat I really Want to talk about is Squirrels. Yes. Squirrels. Chigger might jest, BUt sQuirrels are a major preoccupation oF tHe educATed clAsses, of Which eYe couNt myself. SmaRt peOple and SmarT doGs tHink alIke i alwayS say. Check this Out by too HarVarD engineers. It's about The cOOlest tHing I've scene sincE GilDA (the cat) goT locKed in The cLoseT foR a weak (in Dog yeaRs) And pooPed in the Boss's shoes.

Squirrel Fishing: A new approach to rodent performance evaluation

aM eye write ore am eye wRite!


Yo daougy,

Was up with that bi ped stevey drewlander? Can't they run a dern soivice provider down dare? I hit reply to flip him some west coast doo doo and it pops back every time.

Was the deal with you southern dawgs and yer primitive, squirel driven, backwoods, lo tech used atari game boy servers down there?

Better kick yer mail server a couple o good ones...cause it ain't worken!

Okay, who let the dogs out?

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