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Categorical imperatives


Okay, we've come up with an initial set of categories, which I believe will service us well as we strive to inform, teach and educate while at the same trying to avoid redundancy and repetition. We will certain consider adding more as the need presents itself. But at any rate, here's what we've got for starters:

� Us: ruminations on our spectacularness
� Dogues: notice the european spelling
� Rodents: including mice, rats, possums, squirrels, cats, deers and chiwawas
� Humid Beans: behavior, acquisition and training
� Popular culture: things that need electricity to survive
� Poplar culture: things that need water to survive
� Ticknology: blood-sucking bugs, computers and blog maintenance

As you might imagine, any post that has been posted previous to this post has been categorized posthumorously. And please acknowledge the fact that I didn't attempt a single pun on the word "cat-egory." (It only encourages the shameless exhibitionists.) But the urge is almost irresistable, so I think I'll use the word "topic" from now on.

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