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The Truth about cats and female dogs


Woody, dear, "bitch" and "pussy" will never do. You have to realize that humans, who constitute about 62% of our readership, have a very limited vocabulary. As near as I can tell, they seem to think that "bitch" refers to any woman dumb enough to hang around with a rap singer. I'm not exactly sure what they think "pussy" means, but from what I hear I'm sure glad I'm not a cat.


Dear Woody and Chigger: I just want you to know that I and my constituency, according to the latest Rand/Pew grant, constitute 8% of your readership and we are offended by your cavalier use of the word "pussy." We sometimes refer to each other by this term of rough affection, but it is incorrect for dogs to use it. We realize that you may not have been exposed to the advanced thinking of our species and we sympathize and empathize with your plight, we really do. You might pick up a copy of "Feline Pedagogy" and paw through it before you attempt another such foray into a world you clearly have little familiarity with. Don't fret, it's not your fault. Dogs have historically led a dog's life.

rrrrrr, cats. too bad the word "bitch" is already taken.

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