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figuring fall


its the furst day of fall. sometime last night was the equal-knocks. cool. because i'm a dog everyone pretty much expects that eye invest tons of time being in touch with my inner natural self, living in harmony with the world around me, being won with the universe, staying atuned to the lunar cycles, etc. etc. etc. and then somehow eye'm supposed to instinctively no about stuff like seasonal changes, solsticks, impending earthquakes, winter snowfall, human angst and what the word "heel" means.

now eye can tell when the moon is full because, well, its round then. and eye'm pretty good at guessing which hand the dog treat is in. but when it comes too something like the equal-knocks that only comes once every seven years, who can keep track? i used to count "one mississippi two mississippi..." every day until there was the same number of mississippis while it was light as there was when it was dark. then eye new it was the first day of fall (or spring). but that was a lot of work and eye often lost count. and then there was a period when eye knew it was an equal-knocks because there'd be all these naked women dancing around a fire in the woods. but it seemed like as they got older there bodies weren't up too the over-exposure, and now they just meet in a bar somewhere. sew its a good think that these days eye've got an imac with a calendar reminder thing.

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