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Our most brilliant good friend Buster sends along a referral to the following brilliant bits of brilliant cat slander: Viking Kittens and Independent Woman played by kittens. These are both brought to us by the brilliant Joel Veitch, whoever he is. Mr. Veitch obviously shares our belief that when viewed through the human gaze, a cat is only useful as a comic construct for the purposes of postmodern deconstruction of contemporary music, which can then be reconstructed using a pseudo-amateur anti-methodology that leverages a technological neo-colonialism reified by third world pestilence and greed. Without a doubt the post-profundity of this work predates anything that's been done since its creation.


You made an its error you idiot

Prove it.

Hhhsssss. See what happens when you let bitches get hold of technology? You altered that post and changed the its error! This is dog poo! I am taking my case to a higher court.

You know, Gilda dahlink, even if you had a legitimate case, it's very unclear just what you mean by "it." There are "it's" errors and there are "its" errors. Regarding this particular post, it's its "its" errors that really matter, not its "it's" errors. Why don't you just accept the fact that "it" happens and go back to sleep.

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