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man bites dog, dog shoots back


yep yep yep hear's the deal. eye myself personally have never found a kneed four guns and explosives and that sort of thing. they've always been more of a "people thang." eye basically attribute the existence of guns to the fact that anything as slow and dim as humans could only evolve with the aid of something like a gun ore they wood have starved to death long ago. every scene won of them trying to catch a chicken? of course if eye was human i'd want something that was a bit moor accurate than a gun, given all the collateral damage that results from humans in search of food, but, hay, if the n-r-a says they kneed guns and bombs and biological weapons for hunting, they no best.

now if they could just get smart enough to stop hunting in schools, mauls, gas stations and foreign countries they'd probably bee better off. this crude behavior has inspired a couple of dogs to use a bit of tough love with their humans with impressive results. first there's this english setter who took a shot at educating, which eye thought was pretty cool, but there's nothing like a boxer that knows how two retrieve to really teach his human a lesson.


These tragic dog stories are so typical. You would never see a cat pulling something that dumb.

rrrr, gilda -- given that you've been chasing an invisible mouse four the past sixteen hours, eye can only assume that ewe use the word "dumb" in a context that is totally lacking in self-reflection. so just what due cats pull?

That was no mouse, that was Merle. As you know from watching the latest episode of the Pet Psychic, fellow pets who have "passed away" are still around. Merle was here all day yesterday demanding that gourmet stuff they used to put on top of the tuna when he was "alive." He's a lot more limber now that he's not dragging that 100-year-old body around. We played for hours. I guess live dogs can't see dead cats, or maybe you were just too busy licking your equipment.

hello doogs. i live in georgia and read your blog sometimes (mostly when my servants/owners are at work). every now and then they let me add an entry to their blog ( http://blog.hairydog.net ). i even added an entry about your site once ( http://www.hairydog.net/blog/archives/000018.php ).

i've never been able to figure out guns, so instead i determine the exact spot where my dad's foot is going to land while walking and position myself right there. he notices that i got there first, and falls on his face avoiding me. this is especially effective while he had his hands full.

don't let those retarded cats get the best of you. :)

Crool. We always appreciate getting training tips from another seasoned professional in the field.

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