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can cat fishing be far behind?


barf barf barf. thyme two clear up sum fictions witch appeared inn the previous post. four starters, chigger maid a lot of excuses four me not posting four a wile, witch was nice of her, butt the truth is, just like these folks, eye've been out squirrel fishing. however, unlike those people, eye'm knot really into catch-and-release. (you wouldn't bee either if you'd ever tasted my thin crust squirrel-and-catfood pizza.)

ewe mite recall that eye also mentioned another squirrel-fishing web site a while back. you've got to figure that with too sights devoted two the subject of squirrel fishing, can a cable station bee far behind? ore maybe stuffed squirrels mounted to your wall that sing silly songs when you walk buy?

then their was gilda spouting off inn the comments about why guillermo never posts. (sheesh. some cats are just on the wrong side of the firewall.) the reel reason guillermo never posts is that he only speaks cat spanish, and to make matters worse, he only speaks in sports clich�s. sew when wee asked him to contribute two blogdogs, wee got the following:

"meow de m�ow esta meow y meow. �me�w, m�ow? esto meow meow m�ow meow. me�w m�ow salm�n taco meow meow me�w. una meow de m�ow meow. �grande m�ow y meow de meow meow me�w!"

wee tried running it through alta vista's babelcat butt what we got was pretty useless:

"first all desire to thank for anubis of this opportunity. we are taking him a game simultaneously. we had to upwards make it a step for this game. they were a great equipment, and we were lucky to go here with a rodent. it could not have gained without my team. this is what we had formed during the tuna annually. we finished deciding to leave and to have the pleasure there."

no wonder some people feel threatened by cat blogging.


I'm calling the spanish cat p.c. police.


I love what you say but I'm a little intimidated by your vast vocbulary and your free ranging lifestyle. I'm an urban Minnesota dog. I spend a lot of time drooling on rugs and "going on walks." I have been working on Carla and Bill, my humans, to give me unlimited milage walks lately, but its tough. Usually when we come to a corner crosswalk I make it my business to head off into any direction other than the one that leads home. This technique only works about half the time. The rest of the time we end up frozen in place, me pulling in one direction and one of the humans pulling in the other. I think I am getting to them though with the guilt inducing hang dog stare I throw at them when we are at corner crosswalk doggerheads.

Anyway, its been nice commenting with you.


hay trooper, try this won. when it's time two cross the crosswalk, fake going won direction, then when bill and/or carla leans the other weigh on the leash inn anticipation of a tug stalemate, ewe quick go the same direction they are leaning. when they fall down, you can get in a quick face lick. it's an especially good trick if it's snowing or raining and their our other humans watching. technically, it's all about balance and based on the ancient dog art of kung food.


I like your style. Dog leverage is all about balance and anticipation. I get tired of anticipation though cause sometimes I forget what I was anticipating. I should tell you though, in the current weather mode we are having (translate as cold, like 10 below windchill) we are not doing a lot of licking around here. I'm a big drooler and these days we are talking droolsickles. The other day bill took me out one the lake--the frozen lake. Its hard to get trackshun on ice even with four paw drive. This weather may seem hard to you but I was born to be frozen. I love cold and snow. When it snows I just sit in it and huff clouds of dogbreath for hours. I think in a previous life I was a polar bear.


cool. very very very cool. inn fact, weigh two cool.

hey i like your dog talk :D im a female dog :D well gotta run c ya

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