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no wonder they named it after a cat


osx osx osx. blake statedog axes in the previous comments why wee dew knot post more often of lately. inn a word, the answer is "osx." (chigger claims osx is three words and is the abbreviation four mac's new fancy pants "operating system ten" sometimes called "jaguar." eye think it is a won syllable dog word pronounced "osx" that means "steve jobs has got his nose weigh up my butt and he's loving it.")

if eye really wanted an unreliable garish gooey built on top of end obtuse obscure ancient command line operating system... well, than eye'd bee sew dumb eye'd bee chasing down sticks four a living instead of righting grate literature two ewe, my loyal reeder.

anyway, the powers that bee around hear "upgraded" my mac to osx about to months ago and productivity has plummeted. the printer doesn't work write now sew eye can't proof my riding, the scanner does knot work write sew eye can't scan my butt two disk. e-male is a knight-mare, nun of my old software works write (except my spell chequer). and since nobody offers reel tech support anymore, eye spend awl day on hold listening two kenny g dewing m&m covers. sew if bill gates's dog is out there reading this, no that eye can bee bought write now. (knot that windows is better, butt if year going two buy crap ewe mite as well by cheap crap.) grrrrrrr...


Is it possible to go to the local library to use their computers to update your great literature? Surely they'd let a canine of your intelect have a library card. I mean, not evey dog is as computer savey as you are, you know.

But to be honest, I miss your writing!

argf argf argf don't even get me started about libraries or "public" buildings in general. accessibility sucks. four instance, show me a library with a dog door ore floor seating. and every time eye take a note on a serious subject some janitor comes buy and covers it up with an ammonia cleaner. and then theirs all the stupid leash laws. just try two get a humid bean on the other end of year leash four a visit too the library. knot while the teevee still works. sheesh.

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