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thelma & louise got nothing on my pal money


when eye say "make love, knot war," some reeders think that's a pacifist view of life. well, eye beg two differ. ewe just don't no what kind of excruciating effort a dog goes threw trying two meat and greet the write partner out there. (ore, as wee like two say, "get over the hump.") hear's a short peace about "money," a dog who gave his all four love and lived two try again sum day. he's certainly my newest hero.

and while eye'm at it, don't tell stump and tweet about this, butt my position is pretty ambivalent about this story. eye guess it's a dog thing.

and finally, humid beans are always wondering why us dogs are always digging wholes in there yards. well, if ewe'd just let us finish, like this guy did, ewe'd find out.

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