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middle east cat fight



We're very uncomfortable talking about the war in Iraq when Gilda's around. (click pic for larger version)


I know how these poor Iraqis feel. I live in a colonial ghetto too. Things weren't perfect around here before you two showed up to "liberate" me, but at least they didn't suck 24/7. I was hoping things would improve once the animals outnumbered the humans. But it's been about 5 years now and the whole place is about dogs dogs dogs. Dog treats, dog food, dog bones, dog training, dog shit, dog breath, dog hair all over everything. My culture has been destroyed. It's a cultural desert around here. Just like Iraq. Sure, you're going to see those Shi'ites dancing in the streets with flowers, but once they realize they will have W's nose up their butts for the rest of their natural lives, let's see how long it takes for the Intifada to start. I know the meaning of liberty. It's "Every dogs must have his day -- every goddam day!"

boo who who. ewe cats never due a single chore around hear. ewe lay around on the stuffed furniture awl day while us dogs are out working, ewe sleep on the soft beds while we sleep on the floor, you get milk in the morning and eat juicy canned cat food four dinner while we get dry, cardboard-tasting kre (kibble ready to eat). ewe sleep awl day and awl knight and wake up just long enough to bitch about how tough your life is, fart, throw up a hairball and role over on year other side.

Naturally you dogfaces can't understand the incredible responsibility of an imbedded critic like Guillermo or myself. We appear to be living the life of Riley, observing and commenting on the action through heavy lenses, and then suddenly our hotel gets shelled by the likes of you. Being a cat is no cakewalk. The pressure is nearly unbearable.

eye toll ewe it wasn't safe to sleep in that chair.

Ah agree with Woody.Ah do sleep ahnd eat almost ahl day, but ah wake up the Missus and play whith the yung-un.

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