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Live New Chicks!!!


I am totally totally tired. Beat. Shelled. Worn out. I've only been getting 14 or 15 hours of sleep a day lately and I'm really starting to feel it. There's a new herd of baby birds here and I'm just running myself ragged trying to keep them in line. Stump and Tweet came up with this plan for acquiring two new chicks and four new ducklings, but did they have a suitable post-acquisition plan to maintain law and order around here after this regime change? Not on your life. Now this new flock is running amok, endangering themselves and potentially threatening the stability of the entire region. It's cowboy diplomacy at its most arrogant, I say. It has fallen on me to maintain a constant vigil, protecting these miniature fowl from predators, Gilda and their own peccadilloes. And with the budget cuts around here, the likelihood of reinforcements is nil. I'm wasting all my time getting these ducks in a row and I'm tired of it. It's a dog's life.


FOLLOWUP: There has been some insinuation since I put up this post that I hyperbolize the seriousness of my appointed responsibility. Let's face it. Ducklings only have about three beans in their heads. So for those doubters, I refer you to this near tragic duckling incident.


I totally sympathise. I remember back when the littlest hairless one I live with brought home mice from school to mind for the holidays. I had to stand guard the whole time! Hairless ones have no consideration!

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