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spin doctor


hmm, hmm, hmm... hour sew very cool reader annie recently axed us if wee had "any experience with spinning possums?" well buoy did she come two the write place. dew eye have experience with possums? dew humans shit in a white bowl full of water?

eye must first concede that theirs sum disagreement concerning the intelligence of possums. four instance, the n.o.s. claims that possums our actually smarter then, ahem, dogs. (well excuuuuse me.) butt eye suspect that n.o.s. is a fox network web site intent on sensationalism and rabbit rousing. after all, the vulnerable naturalist vernon bailey has shown quite definitively that the possum brain consists of 25 dried beans.

the thing ewe half two no about possums is that they like two play dead. in fact, that's why wee call them possums, because they like two play "possum." of coarse, playing possum works just fine if know won else nose year playing possum. butt wons a predator -- four instance me -- nose that possums like two play possum, well then it makes them pretty easy two catch, as ewe mite imagine.

the other thing ewe half to no about possums is that, according two the literature, possums are marsupials, witch means that they carry there kids around inn pouches ore duffle bags ore some sort of shoulder bag thing.

ones ewe no awl this its pretty easy two figure out why possums spin around. its because they want two play dead butt their carrying this shoulder bag full of kids and it makes them lean sew awl the beans in there head shift to won side and, well, it just makes them lopsided and it sets them two spinning. inn fact, sum people traditionally refer too possums as "o"-possums. the "o" symbolizes the spinning circle, end "possum" refers two playing dead. eye think its either latin ore texan inn origin.


hears me and chigger talking too a possum. he's bean playing dead four about three days but he's knot fooling us.


You two don't seem to realize what a burden you are placing on all of us here at the farm when you kill these creatures and leave them to rot in the driveway. The smell is atrocious, especially on a summer day. I don't understand why you don't eat them. You eat all sorts of terrible stuff. Once again, the task falls to me. I have to spend hours sending mental telepathy to the vulture hotline to get these carcasses cleaned up.

On the topic of spinning things, try spinning these possums yourself. It's a lot of fun. Cats have long known about spinning mice, voles and tasty items. It is one of our favorite activities. Just this morning, I got several dozen good spins out of a mouse on the living room carpet and was getting ready to clean up the mess when Tweet removed it to wherever she takes these things. She could have been more patient. Cats don't leave these meals to rot wastefully and aromatically in the shared environment.

By the way, how many beans are in a dog's brain? Not that many, is my guess. And I vociferously object to this bean-counter's assertion that racoons are smarter than cats. I don't see any raccoons getting free tuna in kitchen every night. They lurk around the creek and try to kill the ducks. One duck every two years isn't very smart if you ask me.

butt gilda deer, inn talking about how ewe half fun, ewe left out the part about how year a smelly toe-jam licking pervert. and hay, ewe over that diary-a yet? talk about loosing year beans.

Yah,ah ahgree wiyth Woody.Ahd ratha eayt BROOCCOLYI(yucko!)than liyk tow jaym!

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