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That's MS. Bitch to You


With all due respect to my blogmate, Woody and his last post, you'd think that a neutered 47-and-a-half-dog-year-old dog might have learned just the teeny tiniest bit of respect for the gender of his mother and his 47 sisters. (Or for that matter, me.) Do you realize how de-caninizing it is for a bitch to be objectified like that? Take another look at Sweet Pea. Does she look happy? No. She looks terrified. That's an "I've got something weird stuck on my head, the lights are blinding, there's a thousand strangers staring at me, this collar is strangling me, I've got to take a shit and what's that strange smell" look if I ever saw one. And I haven't even mentioned the stupid evening gown competition. I just wish the Fox network would stop objectifying bitches and portray them with the same respect and dignity they reserve for human women.


Ah'l say!

Ah'l say!

Ah'l say!

You said it, Oscar.

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