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bob hope was only 17 in dog years


grur grur grur. let me tell ewe, this knew thing eye've discovered is jest the cat's pajamas! (eye say that because cats our the theme inn this post. eye donut have a clue what cat's pajamas our. gilda never where's pajamas. gross, yes, but then she says sum folks like harry naked pusses.) any weigh, what iams hear two talk about is this knew technology thing that eye've had the opportunition two beta-test. its called the meowlingual, end it bills itself as a cat translation device. does it work? its friggin' brilliant! awl day long gilda's bean running around the house screaming, "woody ewe to-bit idiot, dum butt, turd-eating, bawl-licking, flee-bag, lacy-ast, know-account, dog-breadth, peace-of-schmidt, whore's-faced excuse four a life-form, ewe could knot hold a candle two bob hope."

sew eye fire up my knew meowlingual and what dew eye here? music two my ears. everything gilda's saying gets translated into "meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!" kewl.


I don't think I want to hear what Mosi and Tau are whining about ;)

As usual this is total fabrication. I was out of town at the time of this post. I was at an important regional arts event called Alternate ROOTS at Camp Will-a-Way in Winder, Georgia -- an event, I might add, that BANS DOGS. There I learned a great deal about interspecies tolerance, politically correct language and French cooking. There many many cats there: Latino cats from Texas, cute pussies from Virginia, jazz cats from Tennessee and black cats from all over. One of them sang a song that went "Change and the whole world will change." So I have decided to change in my attitude toward dogs. I am now bathed in compassion for their plight in a world dominated by privileged cats. I intend to foreground interspecies oppression in my studies and my artwork. I hope you dogs are paying attention.

How cute! I love the voice from the dogs. I've always loved dogs!
I love teh way they spell. Keep it up!

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