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frogs in the blew lagoon


croak croak croak. pun intended. (ewe'll sea.) eye no that whee half a few frogs out their that reed the blog dogs, sew hear's a cautionary tail of specific interest two my wetback green friends.

let's say yor a big ol' frog, end ewe sumhow manage two get inside a house. now after a short thyme, yor thinking, well, getting inn was easy, butt how the phunque due eye get out? even if ewe find a door, ewe'll also find that the doorknob is 473 webfits from the ground (that's 217 millitoads for those euro-frogs that use the metric system) end ewe can only jump about 178 webfits high.

sew the smart frog just hides end weights four the door two open, ore four sum humid bean of week constitution to discover ewe and rush ewe out the door post haste. (in such a circumstance, eye recommend ewe try two out-jump the broom.)

butt, sumtimes the young, inexperienced frog will get cocky. he'll think, now that eye'm hear, eye might as well enjoy myself. end the next thing ewe no, he's chillin' in what he thinks is his own private blew lagoon.


now eye personally kin tolerate a frog in my drinking fountain, butt the humids our less tolerant. which is still knot a big deal four any frog that can swallow his pride and allow himself two bee escorted out the door. yes, it's embarrassing, butt it'll bee a grate story back at ye ol' lilly pad.

butt this particular frog outsmarted himself. he screamed, "ewe'll never catch me, ewe unwholely offspring of a scaly snake," and dived down the hole at the bottom of the blew lagoon.

never two bee seen again.

go figure.

off coarse, the moral of the story is: if ewe're a frog, don't drink and dive.


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