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netscape 9 for dogs


oh-key, oh-key, oh-key, oh-key. me-a coppa, eye'm sorry and etcetera, etcetera. it has come two my attention that a fast majority of hour reeders our under the impression that wee have knot posted since sum thyme back in august. well this just goes two show that first depressions kin bee deceiving.

wee half posted with alarming regularity over the passed several months. inn fact it has been sum of hour most profound end hilarious righting, with at least to unconfirmed incidences of readers laughing themselfs two deaf.

bee that as it may, wee half discovered a technical problem that mite bee effecting sum of our reeders. ewe sea, back in august wee redesigned hour web sight end optimized it for netscape 9 for dogs. this maid it possible four us two add virtual stereo surround sound, three-dee holography, dog breath, end caller eye-dee, witch has been just hot hot hot.

butt. today wee were apprised of the fat that only to other computer yousers inn the universe actually half netscape 9 for dogs. apparently development on n94d was shelfed when aol laid off all the netscape programmers. and thus all of hour posts since august are invisible two everyone else excepting four me, chigger and to shitzoos in boca raton.

at annie raitt, we half decided that wheel never sell any advertising with only too readers, sew we've abandoned the multiremedial features of n94d end reverted two the defaults. sew end joy. wee witch wee could reproduce all the brilliant posts of the past several months inn this default format, butt they just are knot backwards compatible.

again, my apologies.


I yust wantd ewe to no that I have netscape 9 and I njoyed all yer previos posts. Iff ewe get down here, lok me up and we can due the town.


I can attest that you have not been near a computer in months. Netscape for dogs. Some excuse. That's like saying your human pissed on your homework.

gilda ewe ignorant slut. a human *did* piss on my homework. eye suspect it was stump, butt eye could bee wrong. it mite half even bean a cat. hum. eye was just two polite two mention it in a public forum. but now ewe and year filthy mouth will force parents all over the world to keep hundreds of thousands of children from reeding blogdogs. those children will grow up deprived of the wisdom that dogs are thoughtfulistic and philosophicist, while cats are vulgar end prone to ear mights. this misunderstanding will lead two the war two end all wars. then know won will feed us. eye hope yor satisified.

honestly, woody. you must think we cats are dumb! netscape 9 for dogs! everyone knows IE for cats is waaaay better! it even smells fishy.

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