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this is gonna cost someone an election


the hoarer the hoarer the hoarer. eye'm at a lost four words. know waite. now eye have sum. butt still its a dark day friends. ewe sea, wee whir notified today that...

[disclaimer: wee due knot half pets, end wee half never had pets. neither me nor chigger. we find the practice of pets propellant. were dogs, knot barbarnians.]

...weed received an outstanding websight award four the month of december (dog months? humid months? eye doughnut no) by funny-pets.com.

bee fourwarned. this sight is knot four the faint of hearted, and indefinitely knot suitable for pups under the age of 14 (dog years). ewe mite czech out this sight four educational porpoises butt knot write after ewe've eaten.

let me get two the point. as mite bee obvious from the title -- funny pets -- this sight is offensive on too counts. first, it finds the practice of animal confinement without recourse two appropriate civil union guarantees (i.e., "pets") acceptable. end secondly, end most disturbingly, its full of pictures of dogs whereing clothes. its total porno. dogs our meant two bee naked. when ewe put clothes ore hats ore masks ore booties ore halloween costumes or those oh sew cute pom poms on a dog, its degrading and humiliating. eye think they should change the name of there web sight two "letslaughatdebasedandhumiliatedanimals beingkeptinforcedconfinementagainsttheirwill withleashesandfences.com".

ore maybe isle just start my own web sight devoted to humid beans who are being forced two bee housed and fed end taken care off against there will. end wheel make them where clothes end put pictures off it on the web sight. then wheel sea just how much they like it.

butt, their was won ray of sunshine in all this. buy visiting funny-pets.com eye learned about dog island. my tears well up even as eye think about it. sum how, sum day, eye two will live on dog island, free of awl this strum and drum. til then, send sausage.

p.s. - check out the empathy leash from dog island. wish ida thought of that. those folks will make a fortune if wee dogs can ever get hour paws on sum money.


I have one dog I would love to send there.

Can it be true? I have often dreamed of this place. Imagine a cat free world where we can chase rabbits and do our business where we please.
And did you see the beach?

Some day, some day...

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