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michael logical


fungi fungi fungi. yes, eye'm totally fungalicious. the won thing eye was able two accomplish wile confined two dog island was two partake inn my hobby of taking pitchers of mushrooms and fungi and indulging my passion four awl things mycological. now dew knot get me rung. eye am knot a mycophagist (eye eee, a person who eats funguses). (four starters eye'm knot a person, sew eye woodn't bee a mycophagist even if eye eight funguses.)

(butt the point eye'm trying two make is that eye don't care four mushrooms.) (their disgusting. end persons turnip there knows when wee eat cat turds. go figure.)

anyway, eye have installed my portfolio of shroom pix four you awl two sea. end as an added bonus, my good friend buster has kindly provided the scientifical pig latin names four each genius and specious. eye'm sew envious. eye always wanted two bee able to talk too foreign pigs. there sew exotic.

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