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quit doggin' me, chig


awl write awl write awl write. its awl my fault. ewe happy now, chigger? sew cut me sum slacks. the bottom lime is that dog island sucks. big thyme. ewe jest think it was "really really really good" because yor a cute bitch end every friggin' alpha-male-wannabee on the island was literally kissing year but.

meanwhile, eye'm getting my but kicked about every too seconds, and that's dog seconds. their quicker then people seconds. eye want a drink of water end eye've got to fight three dogs. eye want two eat end a hole gang of mongrels come up end tell me two get two the back of the line. end eye don't even want two talk about what happened when eye went up end said hello two that cute little poodle.

sew eye pea'd in bluto's dog food bowl. sue me. he deserved it. then they voted us off the island. ore sew they said. butt what with dog island being off the coast of florida, eye'd take those election results with a grain of salt.


sew phooey on dog island, end ewe kin take down those yellow ribbons, cause weird back!

end four those of ewe who think this blog has been boring four the passed few months, check this one out.

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