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four awl intensive porpoises, were back!


wolf wolf wolf! it is with a micks of grate pleasure end extreme releap that eye report two ewe awl that we… the won end only blogdogs… our back!!!! eye no eye no, most of ewe want two no “wear ewe bin”? and eye no sum of ewe wrote inn end axed “hay dog-breads, wears my money”? as four sadie and daisy, jest quit barking long enough four me to explain. ginger meant nothing two me. it is ewe eye care about. we can settle this without lawyers.

sew lettuce cut two the chase. did we get board, run out of ideas, end quit? eye should say knot. did we, as so many speculated, run off two dog island? eye wish! did we just get tired of righting? us? shirley ewe jest.

the reel and shocking truth is that we, yor loyal end devoted bloggers, have, as outrageous as it sounds, bean held against hour wills as illegal retainees at the notorious ALPO GRAPE prison for moor than 15 dog years. end we half got the pitchers two prove it!

Lynndie & Woody

soon, eye will tell ewe moor. butt four now, my brain must drain, my paws must pause. bare with me while I sort out this sadie/daisy/ginger confusion end isle get write back two righting sum moor.


Long time, no see.

Welcome back. I personally thought that the cat had your tongue.

woody, its sadie. eye hate too say it, butt eye am glad ewe bend in alpo grape. it has bend torcherous four me two think ewe run off with sum udder dog, lead alone won named after a spice or a flour. that felt like an episode of Awl My Puppies.

eye no eye am knot espoused two have "whore moans" sense i got sprayed, butt eye think eye steel due. eye love ewe, woody.


sadie, ewe disreinspecting my blog? sew like a bitch.

eye think ewe should jest stay on yor side of the fence end let hour loiters sort this out.

woody, ewe knead to no: its true ewe broke my hart. butt eye half a knew loafer scald zoe with too dots hover the e. end eye love zoe.

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