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csi: alpo grape


sew sew sew as ewe kin obviously sea, chigger is perfectly content two go write back too begging four biscuits end acting like alpo grape is just sum thing of the passed. well knot me. eye am still won pretty pissed off puppy because eye no who did that two us. reed on. eye'm going two name names.

remember that picture that chigger showed ewe last week of me, yes me, being threatened buy a pack of rapid dogs and a guy on a leash with a big but? hear, let me refrench yor memory:

Woody in pain

now eye looked at that pitcher four the longest thyme. something jest did knot seem write. than eye noticed the shadowy little figure on the write.

Woody Surrounded plus pointer

could it bee? eye had to find out. sew eye took the pitcher two won of those forensic labs ewe sea on tv wear they enhance photos end had them blow up that particulate part of the photo sew ewe kin sea stuff better.

Woody Surrounded zoom

eye still could knot tell four sure, butt eye did notice a shiny patch on the back of the dog's neck. sew eye pointed at it end told the lab too blow it up end enhance it. end then eye knew:


barney! it was just days before hour deduction that eye wrote inn my eulogy two spot the (former) white house dog:

end what about barney? yes, barney, the "other" white house dog. the one the president described as "the son i never had." inn spite of spot's 14 years of devotion (that's 85 in dog years) she was always overshadowed buy the spoiled, egotistical end undisciplined barney. did barney institute a bit of the old family tradition of regime change? eye woodn't put it passed him buy a long snot.

stump thinks sum dog named "rover" mite have put barney up two it (although he pronounced it without the last "r" witch eye attribute two his speech in pedal mint). know matter. vengence willoughby mine. may bee knot two day. may bee knot tomorrow. butt won day when he least inspects it, isle male a note that says barney is over do four awl his shots end needs his temperature taken too. mark my words, that dog will get his in the end.

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