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Legal Immigrants for Sale


So just as Woody and I are getting our writing chops back, we're dragged off to the middle of nowhere for a week. Argh. Nobody ever tells us a thing. It always happens this way. Tweet and Stump say "Hop in the car," and we don't know if it's going to be a five minute trip to the post office, or one of those journeys where they drive one direction for what seems like months, stop so we can poopnpee, then turn around and drive all the way back. And they say cats are dumb.

So anyway, we're riding in the car, and they're going on and on with each other about illegal immigrants this and illegal immigrants that. He says we need them to do all our work for us. She complains that they take all the best spots at the beach. Blah, blah, blah. But then I look up and see this sign and wonder why nobody thought of it before ... selling legal immigrants at discount prices! Brilliant!

Legal Cubans


Purchasing illegals can be ruff...ruff...ruff. My peeps jus bawt a shitzu...YUK! Wut a squeeker! I wish she would jus go back to ware she kame frum...blah! Yuk. Stupid Thing.

Disd and Disappointid.

Bob Barker

a shit-what? and if ewe have an ill beagle ewe should take it two the vet. and remember to always support hour vets.

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