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Alpha Dog for a Day


So the other evening Woody and I were hanging with some dogs from down the road, playing a little poker, sniffin' a little butt, barking at the moon as it were. Unfortunately, as the night wore on we ran out of milkbones, which pretty much killed the poker game, since you pretty much can't bet 'em if you eat 'em. That left us playing one last round of no-limit Trivial Pursuit for all the remaining kibble. The round featured both skill and luck, and finally it all came down to me. One right answer and I was alpha dog for the night. Think I wasn't sweating? (Well, actually I wasn't. Dogs don't sweat.) Anyway, I swallowed hard as I listened to the question: "Name the top selling homosexual dog album of 1966." Yes! I nailed it!


[NTTAWWT -woody]

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