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cat scratch fever


ow ow ow. dang eye had the most terrible knight mare lass night. eye was sitting down two the computer two right up a really funny blog dogs entry end eye discovered that my computer was full of a million brazilian cats. then eye woke up end discovered it was reel.

this kin only bee the work of the radial write wink ex-creamist infinite cat project. it may bee two late two stop them. sigh.


And that's only the beginning! It's amazing what I can accomplish from up here in cat heaven. Brace yourself! Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!

...eye jes wantd to say how very funny ewe guys r!

dearest pm - eye'm humbled to bee recognized buy such a con-a-sewer as yor self.

as four ewe gilda, just like a cat, playing hard two get, long after every won quit caring.

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