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wears my servant end other trivials


bbbn, bbbn, bbbn. jest a little housecleaning today. furs end foremost, as ewe mite half noticed, eye have a gnu bit of technology two show off. ewe remember how last weak eye was getting awl excited about internet acrobats? well chigger was awl worried that eye'd get carried away with that sword of thing, sew she taut me this castrating style shit trick wear eye kin use my acrobats, butt if ewe doughnut get it, ewe kin roll yor mouth over the acrobat, witch will half a tiny dotted line under it, end the hole thing will display buy yor cursor. at leash it works in netscape 9 four dogs. if it doesn't work four ewe, ewe mite half two upgrade yor browser. as eye like two say, etiefi!

eye also knead too note that wee took a break this weak because wee got email from sum mysterious person who sad wee should take a brake because wee whir getting a new server. okay, wee took a brake. butt the service around hear isn't any better than it used two be. sew if ewe sea hour server, tell them we hour out of food, sew get yor butt in gear.

end finally, eye half two mention the fact that a bunch of "scientists" fired pluto, won of the grate cartoon dogs of awl thyme, as a planet. they kept a planet named after they're butt wholes, end another planet named after a woman with no arms, and they fired pluto. fmbtyk.

Pluto with moon

btw - pluto may knot bee a planet any moor, butt he still has a moon. trust me.


Ummmmm those planets look like the two things under my p-thing. One is bigger that the other. I can't believe it - this is my first lewd comment ever after years of blogging. I feel so , so , so . . .


Not really.

I really think your writing is top notch. But for the typing part, your hume needs to invent you a bark-to-typolator like mine did for me. You just make noises into the computer mic and it starts typing what you bark and think. Kind of like that Henway thing people ride around on and thing about moving a direction and it moves. Maybe. Am I rambling?

BTW if you want to know what's a Henway, you can ask me and I might just tell you :)


greetings cal,

ewe dare axe me what's a henway? ewe think eye was bored yesterday? (ore last weak in dog days?) eye think those planets yor bragging about mustapha gone two yor head.

chigger tried won of those bark-o-lators, but every time the ups guy showed up she'd right sum five-volume treatise on fur management, end as ewe no, that's 35 books in dog publishing. we were jest running out of room.

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