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    September 6, 2006

fala see, barney no sea


bout, bout, bout thyme. eye've bean weighting four what seams like forever two right about this, butt chigger said eye couldn't until the statue of expectations had perspired. eye'm like WDEMEL, butt then again, WTF.

ewe sea, earlier this summer, write after we whir unleashed from alpo grape, chigger end eye went looking four hour weevil nemesis barney, the official DOTUS. knot only did he send us to alpo grape, but he accused us of making something called nerd gas. (write. like his farts don't stink.) BED.

wee learned that barney was inn a place called deasey. sew we went their. butt we ran into too problems. won, barney is surrounded buy secret surplus asians, end too, we came two a large creek. (ewe should no that eye'm off the bee leaf that if god wanted dogs two swim, he wood half given cats gills.) sew we gave up on that idea four the thyme beating. butt that's knot the point.

sew anyway, eye'm only jest getting to the hole point of this post. ewe sea, chigger end eye our both history butts. end being in deasey, we whir able to visit the monument two the gratest DOTUS of awl thyme, fala. eye was CSIMD. fala was the official dog back before hour thyme. he met with humid beans like instant church chill, and jokin' stalling, and helped end ww2. (eye don't no what ww2 was, but eye thing it's what came just before www). he also apparently fixed the grate depression, witch mussed half worked since theirs no dents in the grate now.

anyway, fala lived with this guy in a wheelchair named hefty harr. they whir sew clothes that fala brought hefty two many of the imported meetings, and he is even included in the background of fala's statute. when hefty died, fala took care of hefty's wife helen horr, who was a thespian that liked whirred peas.

chiggerfala.jpg  woodyfala.jpg