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At war with a rock


Yesterday I overheard Stump complaining that his president has said that he'd continue his war with a rock even if the only ones who supported him were his wife and his dog Barney. That made my ears perk up, because even though Woody and I have had our well-documented differences with Barney the DOTUS, we can still discuss issues of major import when the situation warrants it. (Barney loves to discuss philosophical questions such as "if you had to choose, would you choose cat food or cat poop?" After much deliberation, he settled on poop, since, he reasoned, that way you get the cat food too. He called it a "value-added product." Smart dog that Barney. Malevolent, but smart.)

Anyway, I sent Barney a note and asked him if he supported this war with a rock. He said, "Not so much."

I don't know where that leaves Stump's president. Tweet said she thought he was caught between a rock and a hard on. Stump laughed, but if it was funny I didn't get it.



We have just discovered your website and were quite amused! Our pets take us for a walk every morning and if we can we find something tasty and smelly to take home so much the better. Last week we found a rat that must have been dead for about four days. It was a great breakfast. I am Barney and sometimes Sam is very mean to me and beats me up even though I am older and therefore "top dog". We sleep on the sofa in the sitting room especially when "they" aren't around and Sam used to sleep on a bed upstairs until "they" put things on it to stop him. Serves him right - thinks he owns the place! Also we HATE cats. We caught one once but the neighbour wasn't very happy as we played catch with it. Sam dropped it so it ran ontop of the shed - end of fun! Must go as I'm feeling tired - sofa beckons. Speak again soon.

well greetings barney end sam. tis rare we get such sophisticated end lively disk horse awn hour blog. butt we like hour meets rare, sew glad two meet ewe boat.

Thank you Woody! It's so nice to make your acquaintance...we don't have many canine friends because we are (sorry that should say Sam is) rather anti-social. Fight? What fight? Anyway, hope to hear some more blog dog tales soon. Will send our photo one day so you can see what we look like! Bye for now...

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