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Reptile Dysfunction


I'm sure glad the weather's finally cooling off. Not only does it signal the end of the worst flea and tick season in recent memory, but it seems like there's also been a particular lot of snakes this summer as well. (See Fig. 1) This is bad because they like to eat the chicken eggs (See Fig. 2) and they don't pay a lot of attention to me when I try to convince them otherwise.

Figure 1

I even heard Tweet complaining to Stump the other night that he needed to do something about this recent Reptile dysfunction. He said he'd look into it, but right now it was pretty hard. I suppose with the snakes hybernating and all there's not much you can do after the season's over, but he put in a call to Alice the snake doctor anyway. He told Tweet that he thought that if he could see Alice it would take care of the problem. I sure hope so. I miss getting the occasional egg myself.

snake swallowing an egg
Figure 2

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