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blóg vérité


we, we, we, mess your. (pardon my fresh tickler.) today eye was reeding a treat us awn the film-making stile called cynícál vérité, wear won stroves four candid reelism buy "showing subjects in everyday situations with authentic dialogue." eye can dig it. ewe don't half two bee smart end ewe don't half two bee funny end intellectuals still like it. eye swear, fmbtyk, it's sew easy it's like shoeing fish in a barrel.

sew hear eye introduce my new form called blóg vérité:

dogs sniffing it out

"what is it?"
"eye don't no."
"is it still moving?"
"eye don't think sew."
"is it dead?"
"smells like it."
"can we eat it?"
"eye'd give it another weak."


Hi! I like it a lot. I will try to adjust my bark-to-typolator, hold on . . .

(adjust, adjust, adjust)

bark bark bark bark and then barking

(adjust, adjust, adjust)

Hmmm. . . I'd better quit while I'm ahead on that.


Cal, you dog you.

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