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erotic cat pee drawings


mea mea mea. culpa. mini of hour loyal reeders are aware that we half displayed little tolerance four the cats who also reside hear. we chase them, we eat there food, we besmirch there characters. butt every ones inn a lifetime a cat does something sew special, sew brilliant, that eye must, four won brief shining moment, take a position of anti-disrespect. esek.

sew here's a shout-out two guillermo, the black cat eye call "billy," four his incredible knew erotic cat pee drawings:

Erotic Cat Pee Art 1

Erotic Cat Pee Art 2

this is grate arf if eye've ever scene it. this mite start a movement. heck, it was a movement!


All right that tears it. When I was on earth I did some of the most outrageous, cutting edge pee art ever attempted and nobody even noticed. You work all your life -- every four hours! -- for recognition, waiting for that knock at the door, that visit from a New York curator or at least from the artshow organizer at the RiverMill Gallery in Saxapahaw, and it's all for nothing. You die without anyone knowing about your voluminous oeuvre. Then some dufus comes along, a loudmouth Latino like HIM, and it winds up on the Internet. I was just yowling at Vincent Van Gogh about this up here yesterday. No justice! --Oh, excuse me, I have to go pee. Yes, it's true, you still have to pee in heaven. The difference? No cat boxes.

hum. is that sulfur eye smell?

oh, its just ewe gilda. still trying two spin the best of a bad situation eye sea. these days we call that "doing the rove."

Wow, I wish I had a litter box to try that out! My Mommy's art is my clothing that I wear. I always look like a million bucks!

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