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    November 18, 2007

The End of the Tail


Woody's the only dog I ever knew that sprained his tail from wagging it too hard. That's the dog's honest truth. Ask the vet. That tail could knock you half way to Sunday if you accidently got in the way just when he was communicating his joy for the moment. Woody died yesterday. He was my friend. I miss him so terribly much. I kind of don't feel much like writing any more.


    November 14, 2007

tip toe through the liriope


snort snort snort. ok, granted yesterday was a pretty ruff day. butt eye don't feel quite sew bad today, awl things considered. took a short walk, end yes, eye went two the post office end peed on the liriope. sea the photo? ktsfasod! end its a good thing to, because in spite of my entreaties from a couple of daze ago, nobody stepped up end peed four me.


chigger axed me if after eye'm gone will eye send sum kind of sign. eye told her eye'd make the son come up every morning. eye figure that'll keep her thinking four a while. she gets sew serious.

    November 12, 2007

got two got too got to


sew sew sew eye half bean doing sum research on google two find out what is next on my agenda. their pretty much seams two bee a consensus that awl dogs go too heaven, where ever that is. sounds a lot like hear. as long as theirs lots of dear end knot two many squirrels, eye'll be happy. eye'm wondering if stump end tweet will bee their too, but my research suggests that that's knot at awl a dun deal. why dew humids make everything sew complicated? anyway, keep an eye on them four me. eye'm hoping two make a list of awl the chores eye'm leaving behind, butt eye'm pretty tired write now. sew if eye don't get back hear again, somebody has got two got too got to go to the post office every day end pee on the liriope. eye half done it every day four eleven years end now its somebody else's responsibility.

    November 11, 2007

support our vets


ow, ow, ow. eye half 2 confess that eye'm knot feeling very whale these days. tired. knot much of an appetite. pain in my guts, its hard two type. the vet says its a two-more. a very nasty two-more. (end btw, chigger informs me that that's knot the kind of vet we r supposed 2 support, sew please ignore that yellow ribbon tag on my collar. eye'm as confused as ewe r. butt its just as well. these vets stick me with needles two "help" me. yeah write. eye'm sure the other kind of vet is nicer.)

anyway, the vet says eye got maybe days, maybe weaks left. stump didn't take that news very well. what he does knot realize, is that, conveniently enuf, that's weaks end months inn dog years. sew eye'm making the best of it. butt still eye figured eye'd better right while eye can.

furst of awl, if their our any dogs out their, let me tell ewe this: when ewe get (sic), the food gets a lot better. the cans disappear, end its know moor "by-products" four this wood-ster. (our ewe as tired of eating chicken feat end cow hoofs as eye am?) this is sum good stuff. it tastes like chicken. yeah, reel chicken. except when it tastes like reel pork, or reel beef, or reel turkey, or whatever. very, very, very, cool.

only problem is that their tends two bee foreign objects inn the food. these objects our usually like little round things end taste bad. teh trick is two slide them up into yer lip end then go outside end spit 'em out wear the squirrels will find them. it makes the squirrels behave reel peculiar-like. (as if squirrels dent always behave peculiar.)

butt enough about me. eye wanted two share my thoughts about hunting. their knot very complicated. eye figure that a dog's gotta due what a dog's gotta due. butt their are sum dogs ewe just half two admire. eye thought eye was a good hunter, butt eye can't hold a candle two this super-alpha dog. well, eye can't hold a candle anyway, butt ewe get the idea.

ok, eye'm tired. moor later.