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got two got too got to


sew sew sew eye half bean doing sum research on google two find out what is next on my agenda. their pretty much seams two bee a consensus that awl dogs go too heaven, where ever that is. sounds a lot like hear. as long as theirs lots of dear end knot two many squirrels, eye'll be happy. eye'm wondering if stump end tweet will bee their too, but my research suggests that that's knot at awl a dun deal. why dew humids make everything sew complicated? anyway, keep an eye on them four me. eye'm hoping two make a list of awl the chores eye'm leaving behind, butt eye'm pretty tired write now. sew if eye don't get back hear again, somebody has got two got too got to go to the post office every day end pee on the liriope. eye half done it every day four eleven years end now its somebody else's responsibility.


I really don't like the sound of your post Woody. I'm getting big warm tears in my eyes trying to type this. Dogs are my best friends and I don't like to lose any of them, so I hope this isn't goodbye. If it is, sniff my Rocky and Sissy butt and tell them I miss them terribly, and I will miss you to, uh too. Now I need a kleenex.

I am waiting for you, old friend. All is forgiven. And wait till you taste the chicken up HERE!

Love, Gilda

PS: Believe it or not, Merl and Guillermo are here too. They say hi.

diane my friend, don't worry. its awl good. rocky and sissy our inn four a treat. i'm the best butt-sniffer in for counties. eye'll tell them ewe called.

as four ewe gilda, don't think this changes anything. ewe're still a cat end ewe'll always bee a cat. butt hay, eye can get over that if ewe can quit snarling at me. tell merl and guillermo two get their tales up and assume the position, because eye'm coming two visit.

Blimey, Woody, this is no good at all. I thought we went on forever and I am deeply shocked to find you are thinking of hitting the heaven trail - with CATS! Take care, ol' fellow, I'll miss your take on life.

Sniffs and licks,

Oh, woody; i lirnd two tipe becaws of ewe. i well look four use inn the grate woods wear we all hunt. eye well mess ewe on the dawgernet.--love licks, sniffs Roxy

There comes a time when old dogs have to pass the torch to the younger generation. I left my master at 14 years old and now watch how the younger ones suck up and fight for affection. Well, I don't need to fight for that anymore. See ya on the other side.

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