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tip toe through the liriope


snort snort snort. ok, granted yesterday was a pretty ruff day. butt eye don't feel quite sew bad today, awl things considered. took a short walk, end yes, eye went two the post office end peed on the liriope. sea the photo? ktsfasod! end its a good thing to, because in spite of my entreaties from a couple of daze ago, nobody stepped up end peed four me.


chigger axed me if after eye'm gone will eye send sum kind of sign. eye told her eye'd make the son come up every morning. eye figure that'll keep her thinking four a while. she gets sew serious.


Hey Woody,
Please give a big shout out to your buddy Buster! He's going to be so happy to chase some birds with you.

I love you
your sister in law, Jill

Time for Buster to water the bushes.

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