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There's a New Dog in Town


While I'm pretty much enjoying life in semi-retirement, (in an arthritis, gas, stiffness, bad breath and an annoying new puppy sort of way) I would be remiss if I didn't return here for a moment to inform loyal readers that there's a new dog -- well puppy actually -- here named Gerret and he has started his own blog. In a word he's young and headstrong and self-important, and, well, insolent and boastful and egotistical and just plain cheeky, not to mention arrogant, conceited and over-confident, and he lacks the wit and wisdom that Woody and I brought you over the years, but he calls that "being new school." At least he's house-trained.

Anyway, check him out at http://www.blogdogs.com/gerret. And be sure to sign up for notifications there, because this is the last time I'm gonna talk about that annoying little fart here. I hope.


Well well well - now look at what you gone and done - got yourself a little man pain butt - way too cute....

That's the attitude! You're worldly and smart and there's a lot a young pup can learn from you

Sounds like you have a little competition.

Congrats on the new puppy, my female dog gave birth to 3 puppies, 1 passed away, 1 was give away and the cutest one is still with us and he loves his mom so much, these guys are the best friends anyone can have.

Puppies can be such a challenge! By now you would truly appreciate an inspirational book that will make you both cry and laugh with a story about MAX.... Max the
Airedale Terrier is a true teacher of life lessons. Reading this made a world of difference in the relationship between my dog and I. Don't miss out!!

AAaah...dogs and their issues. We own a pet friendly B & B and just this weekend we had a lot of weeing from tiny guests with not so smart humans. There I go with the Nature's Miracle again. Glad to have found your blog. Now check out mine....latest dog wedding http://pondercove.blogspot.com/

Please remember their diets, it's so important.

I hope this site helps you. http://dogshealth.healthetips.net/your-dogs-diet.html

Maybe the new puppy will rejuvenate the old dog. Put some pep in his step. Check out my cat free blog dogEblog.com.

What a good name!

My names is Garett, and I may name my next pup Gerret!

I always see your blog.
I am looking forward to renewal of your blog.
Please take a look my site, if it's possible.


It is always tough to deal with little puppy "farts" who think they know it all, but pretty soon he will mellow out .... LOL!


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