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gerretDucks on Ice

by Gerret, file under: Major Motion Pictures | My Creative Side

So I have just finished my first major motion picture. I call it "Ducks on Ice." It was originally intended to be a contemporary updating of Eldridge Clever's famous book "Soul on Ice," but when production costs started soaring my backers strongly suggested that we change it from a nonfiction narrative to a fiction narrative, and that we set it in a country pond instead of the city, and that we make the main characters ducks. After extensive re-writes what I ended up with can best be described as "Soul on Ice" meets "The Golden Compass."

Clocking in at a hefty one minute and two seconds, "Ducks on Ice" tells the story of a plucky band of ducks who must cross the frozen tundra in search of the golden corn. I play the evil but well-intentioned polar bear that protects the corn from all who would steal it. It's a bittersweet tale that ends with the ducks safe but kvetching, obviously leaving the door open for a sequel.


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Hey Garret,

Your blog rules. I want Jenn to put some movies on my blog too.

I like your Duck movie and it made me want to herd. I'm glad we got to meet in class. I had fun. Are you related to Corbin (the other puppy in our class that looks like you)?

See you soon!



Corbin does look a lot like me. Go figure. We were both in the county lock-up at the same time, but there's no direct evidence we're related.


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