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gerretSquirrel Hurlin'

by Gerret, file under: Shameless Commerce

gerret with hurl-a-squirrel

So I'm working today. Doing some product testing and research. The object of my research is this Hurl-A-Squirrel toy.

blue collar

First, let me note that my first frisbee-like throw toy lasted about five minutes. Then the center tore out. I still gave it a one-gerret rating instead of a zero because I looked pretty good wearing it around. Sort of a "blue collar" look which suits me fine.

But the Hurl-A-Squirrel, now that's a different story. For starters, it's three toys in one: a throw toy, a tug toy and a try-to-tear-it-to-shreds toy. As regards the last part, I've been trying my darnest with no luck. Haven't even made a dent. And of course I didn't even mentioned the fact that it's modeled after a squirrel! (Although it's a lot tougher than the squirrels around here. They all quake at the mere mention of my name!)

Here's some video of me in the laboratory:

So I'm giving the hurl-a-squirrel five gerrets and declaring it my "favorite toy of the day."

Hurl-A-Squirrel: 5 Gerrets


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