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gerretThe Dubya Doll

dubya doll

So I'm back in the lab today, testing another toy. This time it's a George Dubya doll toy. Initially I called it a George Dubya action figure, but Stump took away my food bowl so "doll toy" it is. What exactly is it? Well, like the hurl-a-squirrel, you can throw it, you can tug it, or you can try to tear it to shreds, but it's highest and best use is trying to tear it to shreds. Plus it SQUEAKS!

Dubya doll

I am curious about what a "dubya" really is. Stump muttered something about "wurst precedent in the history of the knighted staids" but Chigger warned me that that was just a ruse. She said "dubya" is actually a code word that Stump and Tweet use in place of "walk" when they don't want us to know what they're talking about. What that has to do with a doll, I don't know. Did I mention it SQUEAKS!

I also don't know what "voodoo" means but Stump cheers and brings that up whenever I make the Dubya doll squeak. Go figure. Only problem with this toy is that Stump seems to want to get rid of it. He keeps saying he can't stand another year of it. But trust me, if I haven't shredded, buried or lost this doll in a year, then I'm not doing my job. And the Gerret always does his job.

Anyway, I'm giving the Dubya Doll three-and-half gerrets. It seems to be oblivious to all the abuse it inspires, and it makes Stump laugh. Plus it SQUEAKS!

Dubya Doll: 3-and-a-half Gerrets


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