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gerretMy Lucky Deer Foot

by Gerret, file under: My Spear of Influence | Shameless Commerce

Gerret with deer foot

So, the Gerret has found his first lucky deer foot in the woods today! Sure beats chewing on a stick and it smells a lot better, too. It set me to wondering just where deer feet come from. Stump muttered something about "hunners" but I didn't quite get it because I don't always understand what he's talking about. Course it took him a while to get it when I would say, "I gotta to pee. NOW," but he's getting better. Now if I could just get my paws on one of those clicker things.

So I asked Chigger if deer feet come from hunners, cause she knows everything. She explained that "hunners" wasn't a thing, hunners was a season. And every winter there's a deer hunner season. That's the season when deer shed their feet and leave them laying around in the woods for dogs to find. Now I get it. (Chigger also said that deer feet weren't lucky, but I think I'll be the judge of that.)

Anyway, my lucky deer foot is a great chew toy, but I can only give it two gerrets out of five because as soon as you set it down and turn your back it disappears.

Lucky Deer Foot: 2 Gerrets


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