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gerretOver the River and Through the Woods

by Gerret, file under: About Me

Vet visit

So Chigger warned me that this day was coming. She said, "If you are ever in the car and it crosses the river and turns left, then you might as well kiss your butt good-bye." And sure enough, like a regular fool today I hopped right in the car and away we went. Across the river and left. And there it was. The dog hospital.

Well, they put me up on a cold table and they poked and prodded and looked in my mouth and my ears and offered me some of the worst-tasting treats I've yet to come across. (Apparently they're supposed to be healthy, but if they're healthy, how can they call them treats?)

But I soon learned that everything up until that point was just a ruse; all the sweet talk, the petting, the complements.


Yep. Just when they've got me to thinking that maybe Chigger was making a mountain out of a molehill, this woman snuck up and stuck me with about a 3-inch long needle (I mean I'm a tough guy but that's about two feet in dog inches) that set me to howling and barking and sitting and standing and rolling over and jumping through hoops all at once. Dang that hurt.


And little did I know that we hadn't even gotten to the "kiss your butt good-bye" part yet. And no, I don't want to talk about it. And oh yeah, I give those stupid doctor dog treats one gerret.

Doctor Dog Treats: 1 Gerret

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dora the explora:

Good. I approve of all torture administered to this hyper, sadistic little freak. I have managed to wound him in the right cheek several times and I hope he is scarred for life. And I'm hiding my eggs where Stump and Tweet will never find them. They used to LIKE chickens.


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