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gerretDoggle Goggles Boggle Noggin

by Gerret, file under: My Creative Side | Shameless Commerce


Okay! Today The Gerret has managed to incorporate a bit of the ol' swash-n-buckle into my work regime. Part protective eye-wear, part daredevil thrill-seeking fashion statement, this rebel-with-claws is sporting a pair of Racing Flames Doggles.

I'm not sure what's left to say now that you've seen the picture. Tweet thinks the goggles makes me look all Steampunk, while Stump thinks it's more of a Cybergoth look. They're both wrong. Doggles are de rigueur for those of us who are down with the cybersteamed hot dawg look.

Yes, they protect my eyes from UV radiation and wind. But who cares about that? It's those damn bugs that get in your eyes when you've got your head out the window of the car that really get on my nerves. The Gerret will be doing it all cool and collected like, scoping the babes with the pink collars as they walk along side the road, barking most ferociously at anything else that moves. Then a bug gets in my eye just when I'm passing by Suzi the Wonder Dog. The Gerret'll be like all tearing up and my eye's bloodshot from poking at it with my claws and I'm whining like a little puppy and it's just an all-in-all bad situation when I'm trying to make a good impression. I'm telling ya.

And not only do Doggles eliminate the embarrassment of chronic bug-eye, but they generate a bit of the old je na sais quoi with the dames as well.

For instance, look at this photo of me and Maggie:


Now who looks cooler in this picture? Well, yes, the dog with the shorter fur, but that's not my point. Oh never mind.

I guess it's time for a break while you look at my demonstration video:

Finally, I'll leave you with some pics from my fashion shoot. Click on each image for more drama. Note the flames detail in picture three.

gerretglass1.jpg gerretglass2.jpg gerretglass3.jpg

So even though there's only one Gerret, and the world's a poorer place for that, I'm telling you that a pair of these Doggles will go a long way to making any dog more Gerret-like. So I just can't help but give these Racing Flame Doggles four-and-a-half Gerrets. I'd give 'em five if the shipping wasn't so expensive.

Racing Flames Doggles: 4.5 Gerrets

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Hey Gerret

We really enjoy reading your blog. It's refreshing to see pups with attitudes making it on the Web. Keep up the blogging and visit us sometime at our blog



Gerret, you are soooo handsome, and Maggie is looking more and more like me!



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