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Maggie Partying

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I threw The Gerret an awesome surprise birthday par-tay today!!! Now he's sooooo old!!! Har!!

Gerret Party Boy

Gerret, Maggie, Chigger

So I made like this totally awesome birthday cake!!! It was an organic sausage layer cake frosted with JIF peanut butter! It was sooooo cool!!

Gerret with cake

Here's Chigger being a butt and scarfing up some of Gerret's cake! She's like such a bee-atch! Oooh! Don't you dare tell her I said that! Nah, she's cool, she just thinks she knows more cuz she's older!

Gerret and Chigger eat cake

So here's the Gerret after partying all day!! Har!!! LMAO!!!

Gerret asleep

But I guess we must have made too much noise, cuz now the neighbors are all setting off big explosions!! It's sooo lame!! And like scary! Chigger says it happens every ford of jewel eye around here and it happens like every day in a rock!! Exposions in a rock? I'm so sure!! But I gotta go!!!! Yours truly!!

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Woof, Gerret

Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby woofing you a happy birthday. Hope the cake was good and you got lots and lots of presents. Nice party hats.

Woof, Woof,
Desert Pups


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