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maggieWhere's my Oscar?

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Maggie on Bed

Hi! It's me! Maggie! Again!!! It's like my birthday today! I'm a big girl now! No more puppy dog food for this teenager! And I'm sooooo super jazzed!!!! Because The Gerret is like soooo jealous and all up in my grill! What-evah! I used to think he was cool, but sometimes he's just soooo dorky!

Anyway, I've been like working on my first movie! Yes! Me making a movie! It's all done and it's totally awesome!!! It's called "Pup Fiction"!!! It's sorta like that other movie only different! Of course because I'm still the kid around here I had to use like the really really really old equipment. It soooo super sucks! It really blows chunks!!! So don't get all Ebert on me! Just chill out and enjoy it!! It stars yours truly and the other dog! And remember! It's my birthday!!!

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Hey Maggie and Gerret. You're very cool, for dogs. I'm with you, Gerret. Chickens are for eating. What is this with pet chickens, anyway? I'd admonish 'em something fierce. Just keep chasing the chicken and lay off the cats, if you want to keep that nice black nose of yours.

Gracie (a cat of Los Angeles).


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