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gerretMe and Marley

by Gerret, file under: Shameless Commerce


Okay, you see that dog? Not the one in the foreground, that's The Gerret. I mean the other one. In the movie. Up on the big screen. That's Marley, trying to teach his roommate how to go for a walk. Can the ridiculous get any more sublime? That dog is Marley and I'm here to tell you about him.

As you might surmise, today The Gerret is doing a review of the soon-to-be-released-on-DVD-internationally-acclaimed movie "Me and Marley," or, as it's referred to in various human venues, "Marley and Me."

Now why, you ask, would The Gerret be reviewing a soon-to-be-released-on-DVD movie? Simple. Some marketing dude named Scott sent me a free copy if I'd talk about it on my blog. I'm a dog. I'll do anything for a treat.

So here's the scoop. This movie deals with a dog named Marley, played as an adult by Clyde whom you might remember from his star turn as Fabian's dog in the 2002 TV mini-series "Dog Days."

Marley is basically a normal dog that does what normal dogs do. He chews things up, barks at strangers, greets friends with chest bumps, poops in the ocean, farts, runs joyfully all over when not restrained and hates lightning. No big deal. You've seen it a hundred times, right?

But what happens when this normal dog ends up living with two very neurotic, high-strung, undisciplined, unneutered humans? See? Now you have the makings of a searing story of drama and sacrifice.

The humans are played by relative newcomers Owen Wilson (the voice of Lightning McQueen in "Cars") and Jennifer Aniston (Jeannie Bueller in the TV series version of "Ferris Bueller"). Aniston is the meaner of two, as she tries throughout the movie to starve Marley to death, screaming at one point, "How many times have I told you not to leave anything edible where he [Marley] can get it?"

Unfortunately, there are long stretches of the movie that focus more on Wilson and Aniston than on our hero Marley. And because the two were never spayed and neutered they keep having babies, and of course anyone familiar with the Human Society literature knows what a terrible problem that creates.

But there are also moments of levity, and, dare I say, eroticism. This NSFW moment is why I'm not letting Maggie watch this until she's older, but hey, when you see that chemistry between Kathleen Turner and Marley it's hard to call it anything less than cinematic genius.

But I ramble. The bottom line is that this movie is great because it isn't based on a graphic novel and Clyde delivers an Oscar Mayer-worthy performance in the role of Marley right up to the end when he (***Spoiler Alert***) dies. (***Spoiler Alert over***) It could have been stronger if Marley had been given a love interest, but I guess the director was trying to avoid making a romantic comedy. At least we'll always have that tender moment of lust-in-the-sand with Kathleen Turner.

If you're looking for DVD extras, well this DVD has 'em. Of course there's some major Gag Reel stuff, which is typical of any movie with humans in it, but the coop-de-grass is the moment when Clyde, caught on camera, had just had it with the incompetent crew and pees all over the set. Shades of Christian Bale! A genuine DogTube moment!

In addition to the regular DVD movie, there's also a "Two-disc Bad Dog Edition," which I guess is longer than the first one, and even a "Three-disc Bad Dog Edition," which must be the 24-hour art-house version. And if you don't have electricity, there's the original book, or if you need something to keep that broken coffee table from falling over there's the hardcover book. And finally, if you're almost blind like Chigger, you can get the audiobook version, but I don't have a link for that. Click on the book link and you'll be able to track it down.

So what's the verdict? The Gerret, as always, easily impressed, just has to give "Me and Marley" four-and-a-half Gerrets.

Me and Marley: 4.5 Gerrets

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Sir Gerret, is "Dog Hotel" worth seeing?

Any review from your point of view is always worth reading.

(I have the papers!)

The Gerret:

Don't know the answer to that one because I haven't seen it. Maybe if my good friend Scott-the-marketing-dude sees this he'll send me a review copy. Until then there's always "Turner and Hooch" if you're in the market for a real tear-jerker.


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