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maggieThere's a place in France...


Remember Slim?! The Snake?! The star of The Gerret's totally awesome movie "Snake on a Plain"? Well OMG, he's back!!! And this time he's got a girlfriend and he's being like just totally romantic! Ha!

You probly wonder, what's a romantic snake do? LOL! Well here's some dude named E. Mohrman on eHow to explain it all for you!

Female [snakes] are resistant to mating from the beginning and throughout the process. Male snakes must hold females down with their heads and coil their tails around the female's. The female will continuously try to slither off, dragging the male along as he attempts to line up their cloacas. When successfully aligned — an effort that can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days...

Anyway, you get the picture! "A few hours to a few days"???!!! Sheesh!!! And I totally don't want to even know what a "cloacas" is! ROFL!!! Anyway, here's my latest movie, starring Slim!!! Careful! It's hot! NSFW!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Gotta run! CUL8R!!! And watch out for your cloacas!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Good lord. Snake porn.


Wow, this lends a whole new interpretation to the medical symbol of the caduceus with its intertwined snakes.


OMG!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Sex and drugs!! All we need is like a little ROCK AND ROLLl!!!!


Awesome!!!! I'm in heaven!! If you're on a laptop I sure hope you plugged into some real speakers for that!!!

But let's get sirius, here, dog lovers! The Caduceus is like often mistaken for like the medical symbol, but I believe you are actually referring to the Rod of Asciepius, which features like only a single snake climbing a stick! Ha! Close but no cigar, or even a post-coital cigarette!!! The Caduceus, sometimes called the wand of Hermes, has connotations more along the lines of like theft, commerce, deception and death!!! Not to be confused with Dick Cheney!!!! Awesome!!! Can't believe I said that!! Dick Cheney!!! I don't even care about Dick Cheney! ROFL!!!

Anyway, you can like look it all up in your wiked-pedia!! All I know for sure is Caduceus? Asciepius? It's all Greek to me!! Ha Ha Ha!!! OMG! Sometimes I just crack myself up!!!

Marina LaPalma:

great footage ... or snakage

Now, I was watching two snakes get it on the other day to a Barry White song, and they had bigger smiles on their mugs. I think these two here were just going through the motions or something, and I bet they knew they were being filmed. It's like that in the porn industry, the "actor" looks into the camera lens at the wrong time, every time! Frankly, I would rather watch two dogs go at it.... what about it, Gerret?

The Gerret:

Mr. Captain Squid - Have you no sense of decency? I don't see you publishing movies of two squids going at it.


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