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gerretA Corny Copious Collection of Christmas Clips


So just when you think The Gerret is never coming back, well here I am! Chillin' in my Christmas crib, celebrating the end of my 14th dog year in residence and marking the close of the second human year of this, my carelessly casual but occasionally compelling blog.

So for your collective Christmas creature comfort I've crafted a customized and comprehensively creative cinematic experience containing a congregation of local characters. I call it: "A Corny Copious Collection of Christmas Clips."

Oh, BTW, it snowed here yesterday. Not a common calamity.

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I WAS suffering from low 'elf-esteem' this morning, but after getting my fix of 'the gerret', i'm back in the spirit. Have a great holiday! :)


The Gerret is honored to have been of service! Merry and Happy!

Lori M:

Makes me miss you all...even the chickens! Rufus looks very plucky with his new harem. Give the boys and girls a hug from Aunt Lori. Have a great holiday.


Gerret, my friend, seeing you and all the gang this Christmas has made my holiday complete! Merry Merry to you all!!

Happy New Year from your fan,



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