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gerretSproing Forward!

by Gerret, file under: My Pack | Our place

Gerret sunning on table

Spring has sproinged around here and The Gerret is out relaxing, getting a bit of the old sunshine and experiencing the changes afoot. Birds are making a lot of noise, peepers are peeping, moles are moling, daffodils are daffying.

Then there's Slippers the cat. From a distance you might assume that he is also relaxing in the sun.

Slippers sunning on rock

But appearances, like cats in general, are deceiving. Let's zoom in on that face. Without doubt The Gerret declares that this cat is harboring evil thoughts. I don't know exactly what, but if you're small and kind of rodent-y like, I'd stay alert.

Slippers on rock

Rufus and his mallard harem are doing quite fine. They've managed to fend off a number of uninvited mallard couples that have visited the pond during migration season. He's not much for sharing.

Ducks gaggling

Stump found a hibernating bat in his workshop. Luckily it was right about the time his alarm was scheduled to go off anyway, so he's be fine, if a bit groggy.

bats awakening

Chigger's slowing down. Seems to be checking everything out one more time.


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