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gerretMerry Merry and Happy Happy

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Guarding The Yurt

You know, sometimes my wiki leaks. Just sayin'.

Here I am guarding the art. What with the global rise in terrorism, the miserable economy and all the deer in these parts trying to hide from hunters, I've made it my job to make sure nothing gets in the way of Stump being able to afford dog food. He sells the art, he buys the dog food. It's as simple as that. So The Gerret is guarding the art. You should buy some. I can cut you a side deal.

Lane Watson took that photo. Genius! Caught my good side. Ha. Like The Gerret has a bad side.

Anyway, here now it's cold and snowing and the sun goes down before I've hardly had a good stretch. That can mean only one thing. It's the end of the world.

So to celebrate I've summarized another year with my annual Christmas movie to wish you all the best. It features birds and ducks and gooses and chickens and cats and terrorist squirrels, plus I make Maggie say "uncle" and as a special treat, superb crooning from yours truly. Enjoy!

P.S. - The soundtrack music is courtesy the generous Kevin MacLeod. Many thanks.

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I've tried commenting here before but it never works. But just one more time, I want to try to say how much I LOVE The Gerret's Christmas video, and how much I enjoy his blog.

~Susan in Orange County


Susan - Many thanks for your comments and my apologies for any difficulties you might have experienced posting comments. I, being The Gerret, never have problems with technology, but Maggie and the cats often do. I think it's because they keep getting distracted by real life. If they'd just stare at the screen more and quit going outside...


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